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Adjective, Informal: to make the best of a situation, to change reality through positive thinking.

Pronoun -bology, formal: the study of Wumbo and the human condition.

22 February 2010

Guest Post!

Follow the link to Woman, Uncensored where I was honored to write a guest post for the lovely Rachele!


  1. Your guest post at Woman Uncensored on your discovery of the most intimate part of your husband's body broke new ground. I hope it prompts other women to come forward, at least anonymously.

    I believe what you wrote because the person who is now my wife did something similar to me when we first became intimate in 1989. And she did that even though I was at least her 4th intact partner. I conclude that to a woman whose mind has not been poisoned by talk that the foreskin is unsanitary, discovering a foreskin is hot. Evolution has shaped women to think it hot to encourage them to play with it. Such play stimulates male lubrication, which makes for a much better sexual experience. Mother Nature knows what she is doing, and we mess with her handiwork at our own peril!

  2. Oh I love this post and RD's comment, too! I've always, always thought my husband's foreskin was sexy, silky soft and generally just made things more fun because there's more to play with. I thank my lucky stars that my mother and father in law are stoic Yankees who thought it weird to want to do anything as cruel as circumcision to their newborn son, and this in 1972. Of course, my husband's father was born at home and is intact as well. As is our son. (I also know my own father is intact, also born at home.)

    A beautiful post, so wonderful to stumble upon, and couldn't agree more with you and RD.


  3. By the way, other American woman ARE coming forward. Tally da Restorer's blog collects links to posts of this nature. I recently posted in Facebook a long and powerful post of this nature, by a 26 year old American woman who lives in Europe in fair part in order to assure that her sex partners are intact.

    Breezy's guest post at WU changed my life. It's not that it made me an intactivist, or a more resolute intactivist. Rather, it made me realise the extent to which your generation of American women is breaking new sexual ground. No more feminine prissiness and attitudinising. There is no doubt that intactivist women are leading the way towards a better understanding of male anatomy by all, and furthering the sexual education of the entire human race. I read posts from a number of countries, and read French as well as English. There is no doubt in my mind that the best writing in the world about the male equipment is by American intactivist women. In no way are intact men necessarily articulate about the virtues of being intact.